DFI Mobo, SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX and More

Good evening everyone, welcome back :)  Sorry about the late start today, my new laptop developed a "small" problem which resulted in an exchange.  So, after spending a few hours reloading software and kicking myself for not backing up the My Documents folder I am ready to rock.

Go grab a drink and settle in, it is time for your nightcap.

 PimpRig Review: DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Socket 939 Motherboard

"Here are a couple of features that are targeted directly towards folks like us. If you are like me, my main rig is rarely completely put together and often runs on my Senfu bench outside the case. DFI included a power and reset switch directly on the board so tweakers don't have to use their modded adapters to power up or reset the board."

 Asus CT-479 Pentium M Upgrade Kit Review @ PC Perspective

"The features that come along with the Asus CT-479 upgrade kit are really courtesy of the Intel 865 chipset and the Asus motherboard powered by it.  Here we have Serial ATA, dual channel memory at DDR400 speeds and AGP 8x graphics support.  These features add up to give the Pentium M processor a much better overall platform than the 855GME chipset could and thus presents a much more viable solution for the Pentium M on the desktop."

 SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX review @ techniz.co.uk

"The overall package is well packed with software, you can play cd's DVD's, record audio and change the way it sounds, ie using sound profiles ie CMSS.  The handy demo CD igives you an idea of WHAT this card can really do.  The good thing with this unit that you can have three inputs, and still have a 5.1 speaker system plugged it.  Many other units make use of the mic and line inputs to provide the 5.1 support, not this one!"

 Samsung SGH-D500 (Tri-Band) @ Hardware Zone

"The SGH-D500 delivers the latest multimedia and imaging technology in a compact and elegant soft-touch slide up design. Small it may be but you will find a bevy of impressive features hidden underneath its elegant facade."

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