Despite Record Sales, Tablets and Smartphones Won’t Replace PCs Any Time Soon

Although iOS and Android enjoyed record device activations on Christmas day, tablets and smartphones running on these mobile operating systems aren't likely to replace personal computers any time soon. That's not to say tablets and smartphones won't change the PC landscape, however.

According to Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett, tablets will not kill PCs but, "tablets will force them to evolve." We've already seen some evidence of this evolution with Microsoft's launch of Windows 8. This OS is built with touch controls in mind and also has a similar look and feel as other Microsoft-branded mobile devices such as Xbox or a Windows Phone.

The idea of carrying only a smartphone or tablet on a business trip sounds great to many people. However, most people who have tried this eventually go back to a laptop if they want to do "real work." After all, laptops often offer a larger screen, more processing power, and a more comfortable keyboard than tablets and smartphones.

Although PCs won't be replaced by tablets or smartphones any time soon, PC manufacturers are still likely to struggle during the evolutionary process. With all of the hype surrounding tablets and smartphones, PC sales haven't been as great as some manufacturers had hoped. The state of the economy hasn't helped either, since many companies have put off large PC purchases. As things pick up again, many people expect PC sales to improve. In the meantime, companies such as Lenovo and Samsung that sell devices in multiple market categories—tablets, smartphones, and laptops—have a competitive advantage.

Image Credit: Dell