Delta Retro Game Emulator Hits 10M Gamers On iPhone, Levels Up With iPad Support

delta emulator1 6 hero
Retro gaming on Apple devices is about to get even better as Delta, one of the most popular emulators available with over 10 million users (not to be confused with the airline), has now released its 1.6 update. The update brings several improvements, including native support for iPad, additions for power users, and upgrades for the melonDS core. Users in the EU can now access Delta 1.6 through the AltStore PAL but, everyone else needs to wait for the app to be approved for the Apple App Store.

iPad users who want in on the retro gaming fun will finally have a native experience. The 1.6 update brings full screen support, redesigned skins to take full advantage of the bountiful screen real estate, multiple windows, a stage manager, split view, and handoff. Prior to this release, Delta ran as an iPhone app with all the limitations that go with it, so these are wonderful quality life improvements for iPad users.

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For those who don’t have an iPad, there’s still plenty to like in this update, specifically with gesture use. While holding the menu button users can 'quick save' with a double tap, 'quick load' with a long-press, 'fast forward' with horizontal swiping, and 'hold button' with any button.

Some key upgrades are also coming to the melonDS core used to play Nintendo DS games. There’s now better compatibility for Nintendo DS games, fast forward speeds can now be increased, and the inclusion of Gameboy Advanced Dual-Slot that enables communication between Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advanced titles. The most impactful feature by far is that BIOS files are no longer necessary for this core, which was always the biggest barrier to entry for those new to emulation.

It's great to see game emulators such as Delta thriving in the Apple ecosystem so soon after the company reversed its stance on these types of apps earlier this year. Hopefully things just get better and better as time goes on and Apple doesn’t have a change of heart.