Delta Lets iPad Users See Below While Flying, Adds Passbook Support For iOS 6

Most times, dealing with airlines means dealing with lackluster technology. In fact, it's rare that you see a "legacy" airline do anything innovative at all outside of inventing new fees to charge. But Delta's new iPhone + iPad app is surging ahead, and is making a strong case for being the best airline app in the App Store. The company just launched the Fly Delta app for iPad, and in addition to hosting up a wealth of information surrounding your upcoming flights, there's a magic tweak that's thrown in as part of a $140 million investment in tech across the company.

The Fly Delta app for iPad features a "Glass Bottom Jet," through which customers will have the ability to view the ground below in a unique way that includes maps, social networks and internet content while connected to the Internet on any of Delta's more than 800 Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft. The app also includes travel planning tools to book a trip, destination guides, flight check-in, an interactive trip map and the "What's Next" feature to help guide customers to the next point in their journey.

As if that weren't enough, the new iPhone app also supports Passbook with iOS 6, making it the second major airline after United to support Apple's built-in feature. Essentially, this will allow users to store Delta airline tickets in Passbook, and it'll pop up on the home screen when your GPS says you're at the airport. It's a small thing, but notifications are crucial when you're running late and your hands are full of bags.
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