Dell's Studio 17 Notebook Gains Core i7, Multi-Touch Screen

Dell's Studio 17 has been around for well over a year now, so it's certainly due for an update. Aside from the off-hand processor bump, however, we haven't come to expect much in the wake of refreshes on lower-end machines. Out of nowhere, Dell's Studio 17--a decidedly mid-range 17" notebook for the company--has gained optional multi-touch support. Yeah, multi-touch. The same stuff that was found on the $2000 T400s Multi-Touch edition that we reviewed earlier in the year.

N-trig, a company known for its DuoSense solution combining pen and capacitive multi-touch in a single device, has been chosen to provide the multi-touch panel for Dell's Studio 17, and we're told that it's a "true four-point touch interface that enables a broader span of software capabilities, user collaboration, and fun for the whole family."

In fact, users can even get the Studio 17 with a 1GB ATI GPU and a Core i7 CPU, making this a viable alternative to some of the more expensive (and non-multi-touch) rivals out there. Interested in what a touch panel can do for you? Check out the video below.