Dell's Streak, Android Platform Certified For Use By Government

Ever wondered if the very gadgets that you purchased for your own personal use were also used at the highest level of the government? We have to confess to wondering just how high-tech the CIA's gadgets were compared to what's readily available on the open market, but it's things like this that make us realize we aren't so different, after all. Dell has announced their Dell Mobile Security for Android platform has been certified by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for information assurance and use on defence networks.

Naturally, the platform's based on Google's mobile OS, and it'll be used to expand the uses and applications for mobile devices in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), going beyond simply accessing email from their mobile devices, helping a more deployable military operate with greater flexibility.

In partnership with Good Technologies, Dell developed a solution for the Android operating system that will give users secure access to email, documents, a partitioned ecosystem of Android apps and other business applications. Through the Dell Android platform and the mobile device management offered by Good Technologies’ Good for Government system, information can be passed and managed through Microsoft Exchange servers as well as network operations centers wirelessly.
Certified and piloted on the Dell Streak, this certification will allow the next wave of Dell Android devices, set for release next year, to be rapidly integrated into military environments. With access to the Android ecosystem, members of the military will have access to information on their PCs or desktops, command and control programs and a number of different powerful solutions that enable members in the military to operate with similar capabilities as those in controlled environments.The Dell Android solution will help the military adapt to today’s operating environment with greater mobility and improved, real-time access to information on the ground.

Streaks in the military? Sure. What's next -- leftover TouchPads, or iPhones for all?