Dell's OptiPlex XE Desktop Withstands Heat And Hard Working Conditions

Dell's stable of OptiPlex machines haven't exactly garnered huge public interest outside of the corporate world in the years past, but with design clearly a focus of the company now, we're guessing that the new OptiPlex XE desktop will actually catch the attention of more than just some big purchasing managing. Granted, these are designed primarily for use in the OEM and retail environment, but there's nothing but a label here between you and this.

Described as a machine that's "highly adaptable," this new XE desktop PC can withstand all sorts of wild environments. High heat, dust and around the clock operation is no issue here, and the wide OS support ensures that users get whatever UI they want. The full list of specifications are below, with the starting price currently set at $709.

  • Purpose-Built Embedded Desktop Solution for Demanding OEMs, Retailers and Enterprises Looking for Extended Sales Lifecycles up to 3.5 Years
  • Highly Adaptable Design Conquers Small Enclosures and Harsh Conditions
  • Streamlined Remote Systems Management and Built-in System Monitoring Capabilities for Point-of-Sale Solutions

Dell OptiPlex XE — Purpose-built, Highly Adaptable

Designed to withstand challenging conditions such as high heat, dust and 24x7 operations, the OptiPlex XE delivers on Dell’s commitment to purpose-built solutions more directly connected with customer needs. The system is easily placed within medical carts, video rental kiosks, retail point-of-sale (POS) solutions and other custom deployments that require easy remote management and long-term system stability options.

Additional product highlights include:

  • Heat tolerance up to 55° C (131° F) with optional ducting kit and a ‘mount virtually anywhere’ capability, ideal for enclosed spaces while standard port covers offer basic dust protection and an optional dust filter is designed to help reduce system downtime normally associated with dust removal;
  • Long-term system stability with a 3.5 year sales lifecycle and six-month managed transition period making it easy to maintain a consistent environment while planning for future deployment;
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, along with POSReady (available post-launch)and Ubuntu Linux support (China only);
  • Wide variety of peripherals support with native support for PS/2, Serial (RS-232), VGA, and up to seven USB connections including options for both powered USB and powered serial;
  • Excellent productivity with an easy to service tool-less chassis design, Dell ProSupport for IT Fast Track Dispatch option for rapid access to parts and service, Broadcom TruManage remote systems management and optional built-in system monitoring capabilities designed to help reduce downtime;
  • Security and data protection options such as full disk encryption, chassis intrusion alerts, and RAID 1 support to help organizations protect their assets and safeguard data;
  • Environmentally conscious 88 percent efficient power supplies, Dell Energy Smart power settings (select configurations), and Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold compliance options.

The Dell OptiPlex XE delivers a long product lifecycle (3.5 years) and, with the optional ducting kit, up to 50 percent higher operating temperature threshold than that of any other OptiPlex desktop. The OptiPlex XE also has more systems management capabilities and can withstand hotter operating environments than the HP rp5700.

Through its OEM division, Dell offers OEMs a holistic solution from the option of customizing and reselling the OptiPlex XE with custom branding to factory integration as well as tailor-made service and support around the world. In addition, Dell Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions offer optional integrated solutions that extend from customer-facing store automation technologies to back-office data storage systems.

Dell Services offers a suite of highly customizable service and support solutions throughout the PC lifecycle including Dell ProSupport2 and Dell ProManage.1 Dell also offers a robust set of services for organizations looking to migrate to Windows 7.

The Dell OptiPlex XE is available for order today at prices starting from $709 USD. More details are available at

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