Dell's 6-Core Infused Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC Monster Invades HH Labs

This weekend the weather has been acting up here in the Northeast.  We've had some torrential rains causing localized flooding and the wind has been fierce, giving us the feeling that Mother Earth has decided to kick up her wrath a bit, forcing us all to seek shelter indoors.  Or, perhaps, the change in atmosphere has nothing to do with dear ol' Mother Earth and more to do with what landed on the loading dock last week.  Perhaps the atmospheric disturbance we're dealing with is a result something extra-terrestrial that has invaded the test area now at HH. See, this little company by the name of Intel, they have a new chip.  It has six processor cores in it and it's pretty fast actually.  So, this guy Michael... last name begins with a "D"... oh, yeah, Dell, that's it.

Well, see ol' Mike decided he'd build himself a gaming PC with this new chip and he asked a few of the good folks at his Alienware division, that he acquired not long ago, to build it for him.  And those Alienware folk... Well, let's just say they have a knack for bringing it...

Alienware Area-51 ALX Gaming System - The Aliens are looking <HOT> these days...

Hot-Swap Drive Cage - Wall of Storage, Motorized, Illuminated Vent System - Low Rider Option Available

2xRadeon HD 5970 In CrossFire X, Water-Cooled Gulftown - All Badass (click for full res)

Though the interior shot above is well lit by a few strategically positioned LEDs, we can tell you that the system was actually not plugged in to a power source when we held our little impromptu photo-shoot.  In fact, the machine comes equipped with some sort of battery back-up that we're still looking into.  So, when you open the side panel, even if the system is powered down and unplugged, you're still able to admire its build quality with a little mood lighting to warm you up like Barry White.  Of course those dual Radeon HD 5970s (yes, that 4 GPUs folks) will keep the home fires toasty as well.

Fear not though, if you're the type that likes to keep cool under pressure.  The new Alienware Area-51 ALX has a self-contained water cooler to keep its Core i7-980 X chilled out nicely.  Also, the vent louvers at the top of the machine automatically flex open, to let a little cool breeze in, if things get too hot in this love shack of technological wonder.

Stay tuned because we plan to break a hard sweat with the new Intel Gulftown-infused Dell Alienware Area-51 ALX.  Benchmarking ought to take just a few minutes... literally.