Dell Venue Unlocked Android Smartphone Review

Just a few years ago, virtually no one thought Dell would venture into the smartphone business. With the exception of a few stand-outs, Dell has always been fairly conservative with their products and had never really strayed too far from the PC and its associated peripherals and accessories, although they did make a few slick PDAs back in their heyday. Dell's been mobile for years, however, and the Adamo XPS showed that the company's design squad is certainly capable of producing some world-class, ultra-mobile hardware. But Dell smartphone? As strange as it may have sounded just a few years ago, the company has launched a full-on assault into the handset market, and not a minute too soon.

The Dell Venue, which we're reviewing here today, is a slate-styled, unlocked device, that has Android 2.2 as its operating system...

Dell Venue Android Smartphone Review