Dell To Launch Smartphones In China This Year

Not long ago, we heard that Dell's smartphone prototypes were being frowned upon by an undisclosed amount of carriers. Today, Reuters is reporting that Dell is taking its phones elsewhere in hope of gaining ground, impressing pundits and eventually moving into the US and Europe in the future.

If a pair of apparently in-the-know analysts are to be trusted, Dell will launch smartphones (plural, as in multiple phones) in the Chinese market by the year's end, though actual details about the design and functionality remain scant. The company is forging ahead with this endeavor as it searches for an additional revenue source, and while starting in China is definitely unorthodox, it's better than just giving up entirely.

Reportedly, the manufacturing will be done by Hon Hai's Chi Mei Communications and the operating system will be built by China-based software maker Red Office. Spokespeople from all of the mentioned companies aren't speaking up on the "rumors," though Red Office did admit that it was still "preliminary development of the software." Of course, "the software" could be anything, and honestly, we're a bit shocked that Dell's not looking down the traditional avenues of Windows Mobile or Android.

The report also didn't mention what carrier (or carriers) in China will be picking the phones up, though whispers have asserted that China Mobile could be in the running. Also of note, the United States and Europe are supposedly next in line to receive Dell's phones, though there's no mention of when that will be. Needless to say, there are still far more unknowns than anything else here, but at least we now have confirmation that Dell is moving forward with smartphone production. iPhone, beware?