Dell to Add Ageia PhysX PPU to Laptop Line

A few days ago Ageia announced a mobile physics processor.  At the time we speculated that a good first match for it would be one of the laptops in Dell's lineup.  It looks like we were right.
Though apparently as yet unofficial, we received word today from sources at Dell that the company will soon begin to offer Ageia's PhysX dedicated physics processor in the laptop line. Though our source could not tell us specifically which among Dell's lappies will be getting the upgrade, we think it's safe to assume it will be the XPS M1710, the company's 17-inch flagship gaming model.
The M1710, eh?  It would make a lot of sense, as that model has been their top-of-the-line gaming laptop since introduction.  Unfortunately for us, we purchased ours about 9 months ago.
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