Dell Teases XPS 13 In Alpine White With Rose Gold And Woven Glass Fiber Construction

dell xps13 alpine white
Back in late August, Dell updated the XPS 13 with quad-core Core i5 and Core i7 Kaby Lake Refresh processors, bringing more firepower to an all-around powerhouse ultraportable. However, it appears that the wunderkinds in the Dell engineering lab have yet another XPS 13 on the horizon, and we got a sneak peek at it this week at the company's Austin, Texas Parmer campus.

This latest XPS 13 features a different design aesthetic than we're used to with Dell notebooks -- it actually has a white finish. The laptop has a woven glass fiber textured palm rest/keyboard deck, which is pure white in color. Dell went the woven glass fiber route because you can't simply paint the hybrid carbon fiber used on the XPS 13 and expect to maintain a nice, consistent and durable finish. There is also white trim along the thin display bezels, while the display lid is finished in Rose Gold.

Other features that we can spot include the Windows Hello compatible camera embedded in the bottom display bezel, dual speakers, microSD card reader (instead of a full-size SD reader) and three Thunderbolt 3 ports. There's also a status indicator integrated into the side of the notebook which displays the available battery capacity via 5 LEDs with the press of a button. And of course, there's Dell's wonderful Infinity Edge display.

xps 13 alpine 2

Since Dell has dolled this XPS 13 up in white, the accessories included in the box are also white to match, including a sleeve-type case, power adapter and USB-C to USB-A adapter.

xps 13 alpine 3
The Dell XPS 13 power brick will be almost half the size now...

Unfortunately, Dell hasn't yet provided us with any clues on hardware specs, pricing or availability. However, once Dell bring us up to speed us in on all the pertinent details, we'll be sure to let you know.

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