Dell Streak Pulled for Upgrades, Not EOL

Dell has quietly pulled the Streak 5 tablet from its website and from any retail stores, as well. It's not a recall per se, but it's believed that Dell is making changes and improvements to the product, unrelated to the software (i.e., hardware).

For a while, consumers could still find the item on Dell's site, but if they tried to order it, they would get the following error message:
Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase online. Please contact your sales representative for details on how to order.
The site has now been updated to simply say the Streak is "out of stock."

Since the device isn't exactly a super-hot seller, the first rumor is that it was end-of-lifed. It is not, however, gone forever. Instead, according to customer service, the Streak has been pulled while it receives an update.

The only information given so far is that whatever the issue is, it's not related to Android. It should be back on sale sometime in early August, according to reports.