Dell Starts Shipping Unlocked 'Venue' Windows Phone 7 Device

Dell's Venue Pro has been a relative mystery. While the phone was launched months ago along with the other first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets, actually finding one has been tricky. For one, it's only available on T-Mobile, and both the carrier and Dell have had issues keeping them around. But now, there's something that may take the attention away from their supply channel and back on WP7. The Dell Venue has officially launched in the U.S., shortly after becoming available in other markets overseas.

The Dell Venue just lacks the "Pro," which means it also lacks a pull-out keyboard. This is the thinner, sleeker version, but only for those who are okay with only an on-screen virtual keyboard. The Venue has a 4.1" touch panel (WVGA resolution), an 8MP camera, Android 2.2 (Froyo), Stage software (for organizing multi-media), a 1GHz QSD 8250 processor, a microSD card slot, and a 1400mAh battery.

It's on sale now for $499.99 without a T-Mobile or AT&T contract, and we're led to believe that this particular model is completely unlocked for use on any GSM carrier that you please.