Dell Ships Gorgeous 16" Thin-And-Light Latitude Z For $2000

We thought Dell's Studio XPS 16 was fairly thin when we reviewed it earlier this month, but it would look downright chubby next to the company's latest 16" machine. What's easily the world's thinnest and lightest 16" laptop, the Latitude Z is aimed at business professionals who are looking to get ahead partially on the sexiness of the machine they carry in their briefcase.

Think we're kidding? Dell itself admits that this machine targets "impression makers, such as entrepreneurs, attorneys, creative professionals, salespeople and leading higher education faculty." Bold, no? It's essentially the planet's first 16" thin-and-light notebook, starting at just 4.5lbs. with a four-cell battery and measuring just 0.57" thin. Other specifications include a 1600x900 WLED display, a multi-touch touchpad, backlit keyboard, EdgeTouch (which allows users to interact with commonly used applications and media controls through a touch interface that is on the bezel of the system’s screen) and FaceAware lock-out technology that automatically locks out other users when a user steps away from the laptop.

In addition to these features, the Latitude Z is available with WLAN, Bluetooth and optional 3G WWAN mobile broadband, not to mention a 2MP webcam, Core 2 Duo CPU, an integrated UWB radio and an optional wireless dock that supports DVI and USB. Heck, those with loads of cash can ever order one with dual SSDs! Dell is also using this machine to debut Latitude ON, an instant & always-on connection to email, web, contacts and calendar (detailed more below)

The Latitude Z is available starting today in select countries in Europe and Asia, as well as Canada and the U.S., starting at $1,999, and more details are available at

Latitude ON — Instant, Always ON Connection to Email, Web, Contacts and Calendar

Latitude ON represents the convergence of laptop productivity with instant “on” convenience and multi-day battery life in idle mode.2 Available on the Latitude Z, E4200 and E4300, it includes a sub-processor and sub-operating system that delivers instant, interactive access to email, the Web, contacts, attachments and calendars. Latitude ON allows the user to stay connected and utilizes the laptop’s keyboard and display for enhanced usability. Other advanced features of Latitude ON that make it business friendly include:

  • Access to IMAP, POP, Novell Groupwise or Microsoft Exchange 2003 email
  • Citrix Receiver allows IT administrators to ensure remote secure access similar to a thin client
  • Strong password requirement meaning the user must include one uppercase, lowercase, number and special character
  • Supports virtual private network (VPN) functionality
  • Ability to read .doc, .xls, .ppt and .pdf documents
  • Dedicated Latitude ON button allows users to connect instantly

Latitude ON is available starting today around the world. It is a standard feature on the Latitude Z and a $199 optional upgrade on the Latitude E4200 and E4300.