ISV-Certified Dell Precision Appliance For Wyse Targets Virtual Workstation Market

Dell is targeting a wide range of businesses with its new Precision Appliance for Wyse, which is designed to handle heavy graphics workloads. The virtual desktop offering is designed to support just about any kind of endpoint businesses need to use, including thin clients and laptops. Dell is touting the appliance at the first ISV certified virtual workstation appliance in the industry.
dell building

“How people work today is rapidly changing,” said Dell executive director Andy Rhodes in a statement. “Our customers are looking at ways to be more mobile and collaborative without sacrificing performance or user experience. The Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse combines our expertise in both high performance workstation capabilities and virtual desktop infrastructure to provide organizations that use the most demanding, graphics-rich applications with a compelling solution for flexible work environments."

The Dell Precision Applaince for Wyse with Nvidia graphics

The Precision Appliance for Wyse is designed for workstation-level graphics workloads and includes a Dell Precision Rack R7910 workstation with NVIDIA Quadro and GRID GPU technology, as well as VMware virtualization software and Teradici PCoIP remote workstation technology. Up to three users can access the appliance in dedicated GPU mode, but shared GPU mode bumps user support to as many as eight. Unlike the more complex Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations, the Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse is targeted at businesses that are looking for little to no IT involvement when deploying.