Dell Misunderstood. Linux Love = Microsoft Hate

Dell became the darling of the Open Source crowd -temporarily- by announcing an option to purchase computers loaded with the Linux operating system instead of Microsoft Windows. Things are getting ugly over there again on the news that Dell has decided to offer a version of Linux (there are many)supplied by a partnership of Microsoft and Novell. It's not enough that you're not required to purchase the Microsoft/Novell version; Linux fans are so consumed with hate for Microsoft that they don't even want it to be offered. 

Recently, Linux supporters swarmed Dell after the company put up a Web site called IdeaStorm asking for suggestions. Like teenage girls voting for Sanjaya on American Idol, thousands of Linux fans wrote to Dell and “voted” for PCs loaded with Linux, making this the No. 1 request on IdeaStorm.

Dell responded by announcing it would sell PCs bearing a version of Linux called Ubuntu. It’s not clear yet how many customers will actually buy these machines.

But that point may be moot. By agreeing to do business with Microsoft and Novell, Dell risks becoming a pariah in the Linux community.

Dell seems to be learning a hard lesson. They said they wanted you to sell it. That doesn't necessarily  mean they want to buy it from you.  Read the whole thing here, and tell us in the comments if you think Dell should listen to its cash registers or its suggestion box.