Dell Goes Retail (Again)

AppleInsider has learned that Dell is planning to tackle the retail business once again with stores opening in both Dallas and New York. Given the success of Apple's retail efforts and the amount of publicity their new retail store on Fifth Avenue is receiving, this is surely one of the catalysts for Dell trying their hand at retail again. An interesting question here is whether Dell will be pushing systems from their latest acquisition of Alienware or if Dell's own branded systems will be the only rigs to show up in retail.

The two full-size stores, which Dell claims will be an extension of its kiosks model, are considered to be part of a pilot program aimed at displaying more products and systems for customers. They will reportedly feature a home theater display designed around a personal computer as well as systems designed specifically for kids. According to Statesman, the stores will also sell Dell services, such as home network installation. However, the company is still "working out how to handle tech support questions that existing customers might bring to the store."


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