Dell Gives Baseball Lovers A Chance To Personalize Their Next Notebook

Anyone that considers themselves a sports fan will recognize that the MLB playoffs are in full swing, and we're guessing that the timing here is more than coincidental. Shortly after Dell rolled out a fleet of notebooks with 26 different design options, the company has now issued a slate of laptops with 30 Major League Baseball team logo options. Yup--you can snag an MLB notebook just in time to watch your favorite team get eliminated from World Series contention. Or win it, if you're lucky.

Either way, the MLB logo notebooks include every single team in the major, and of course they're being offered through Dell's Design Studio. There's no mention of what these special edition machines will cost, but considering just how deeply you love your club, we're sure you'll pony up. After all, what's a few bucks for a logo when you've paid $8 for a hot dog all season long?

  • A new partnership between Dell and Major League Baseball Properties for unique personalization offering
  • Dell Design Studio to offer MLB designs for all 30 teams
  • Totally unique, customized artwork created especially for the Dell Design Studio
  • Fan, Classic and Die-Hard designs available for each MLB team, to allow personalization
  • Available on Dell consumer systems: Inspiron Mini, Inspiron and Studio laptops

“Dell knows that baseball fans are passionate about showing their team pride, and we are thrilled to provide our customers this exciting new opportunity for self-expression,” said Alex Gruzen senior vice president of global consumer products. “We’re confident that Major League Baseball customization and personalization will make our notebooks a hit for baseball fans across the country.”

“Our fans have shown us time and time again that there is no limit to the ways in which they will exhibit their team pride,” said Howard Smith, Senior Vice President, Licensing, Major League Baseball Properties. “Dell is a proven industry leader in laptop customization, and we’re pleased to offer this new option to our fans.”

Dell is offering the ultimate fan customization with the addition of Dell Design Studio custom artwork featuring all 30 MLB teams. With the special lid designs – available on Dell’s popular Mini, Inspiron and Studio laptops – ranging from more subtle team logos in one corner to screaming, full-cover extravaganzas. The MLB design options will be available from beginning next month.