Dell Garners $3 Million From Twitter Sales

Hey, Twitter -- you know that business model you've been searching for? Yeah, this may be it. In a new report from NYTimes' 'Bits' blog, Dell has admitted to generating around $3 million in sales that could be directly attributed to Twitter. $3 million! That's the amount that Dell has garnered since it began using Twitter in 2007, using its account to serve up delectable coupons and to spread the word on deals and new products.

In the last six months alone, Dell's 'Outlet' store earned a cool million dollars in sales in customers that linked in through Twitter, and just to put things in comparison, it took a whopping 18 months for Dell to see its first million in sales from Twitter users. Richard Binhammer, who works in Dell’s corporate affairs office and is active on its Twitter accounts, had this to say about the sales: "It’s a great way to fix customer problems and hear what customers have to say, it’s a great feedback forum and it leads to sales — how can you miss?"

How can you miss indeed! The oddest part of all this is that Twitter itself earned exactly $0.00 from these Dell sales, and in a perfectly fair world, you'd think they'd be owed some royalties. Still, Twitter's business plan has yet to be revealed, but it's easy to see how it could generate a profit by charging large companies who bring in revenue through its microblogging service. If you're looking to be one of those folks who bring Dell up to $4 million in Twitter sales, feel free to follow DellOutlet here.