Dell, Facebook, Google, Intel, IBM, and Other Tech Giants Back OpenSSL Project To Prevent Future Heartbleed

The Heartbleed Bug illustrated just how vulnerable our global communications structure really is, and now a glut of important tech companies in collaboration with the Linux Foundation are launching a new initiative called the Core Infrastructure Initiative to better support the open source projects and technologies that keep the Internet afloat.

Image Source: Flickr (snoopsmaus)

The first item on the docket is increased support for OpenSSL, which if you’ll recall was the source of the Heartbleed problem. OpenSSL “could receive fellowship funding for key developers as well as other resources to assist the project in improving its security, enabling outside reviews, and improving responsiveness to patch requests,” or so says a Linux Foundation press release.

CII partners

The Linux Foundation will distribute the millions of dollars that the Core Infrastructure Initiative will have at its disposal, backed by a steering group that includes Dell, Facebook, Google, Intel, IBM, and other companies.

“The computing industry has increasingly come to rely upon shared source code to foster innovation. But as this shared code has become ever more critical to society and more complex to build and maintain, there are certain projects that have not received the level of support to commensurate with their importance,” reads the release.

Ready for an insane number? According to the Linux Foundation, the OpenSSL project has received a paltry $2,000 per year in donations recently. The Core Infrastructure Initiative will change that.