Dell Extends Design Studio To Inspiron 15 Laptop

Here lately, Dell's been doing its best to freshen up its lineup and appeal to that incredibly lucrative younger bunch. To that end, the company is today extending its "Design Studio" artwork to its Inspiron 15, which currently sits as the company's most popular consumer notebook. Furthermore, the outfit is announcing "FastTrack," a program that ships select popular pre-configured systems for consumers and small and medium businesses (SMB) out from factories the next business day.

For those unaware, Design Studio is an interactive gallery of original contemporary artwork commissioned exclusively for that lets people turn their laptops into works of art. With Design Studio online shoppers can click through a gallery of portraits and select a design, change viewing angles, zoom in on details and read a short bio that explains the artist’s work. Currently, the studio offers up more than 200 personalization options from a variety of artists. So yeah, you should totally be able to find "that perfect fit" before your freshman year gets underway. Trust us, you'll want to show your style.