Dell Expands PocketCloud Portfolio With New Apps

Dell is looking to make its Wyse PocketCloud app even more useful by expanding the ways people can access their cloud-based files. Today, Dell announced the new PocketCloud Explore for iPad and Windows RT. The new releases of these apps will complement the existing versions of PocketCloud apps for iOS and Android devices. PocketCloud Explore for iPad and Window RT are currently available as free downloads from the Apple AppStore and Windows Store respectively.

Dell also announced the release of its PocketCloud Web service which lets you access all of your files using any Web browser. PocketCloud Web supports uploading and downloading of multimedia content between devices and remote computers as well as the ability to stream audio and video files from remote computers. You can also open remote files through a viewer or download and edit files if a compatible local application is available. You can register for PocketCloud Web by visiting

Another new offering known as PocketCloud Companion is also available. This client broker for Windows and Mac OS lets you access content and applications stored on remote computers. PocketCloud Companion will be pre-installed on all Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron computers that are shipped after November 15.