Dell Dishes Up Redesigned Precision Tower Workstations

Dell decided to don its enterprise cap today and introduced its new Precision tower workstation line. The new Dell Precision T1560, T3600, T5600, and T7600 all boast industrial designs with "superb power, dependability, and manageability" and will be available to purchase worldwide starting next month.

More than just an aesthetics change, the new Precision workstations feature Intel microarchitecture and 8-core CPUs, PCI-E Gen. 3 slots, quad-channel memory scalable up to 512GB, up to 600W of graphics and up to four full x16 PCI-E slots, and a wide array of professional graphics solutions from both AMD and Nvidia.

So, what's the difference between the four redesigned models? Straight from the horse's mouth:
Dell Precision T7600 – Engineered for the utmost in compute and visualization performance, Dell’s most powerful and expandable workstation is perfect for video, animation, engineering, simulation and financial and scientific analysis of massive data sets. The advanced architecture of the T7600 features one of the highest performing CPU stacks, power supplies and graphics power for a dual-socket system. It offers up to two Intel® Xeon® E5-2687W 150 watt processors with a total of 16 computational cores, a 1300 watt 90 percent efficiency power supply, up to 600 watts of graphics, and up to four full x16 graphics slots which can power up to an NVIDIA Quadro ultra high-end 6000 professional graphics card and two NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processors at the same time.

Dell Precision T5600 – Designed for space-constrained environments that need substantial compute capability, Dell’s powerful and reliable dual-socket workstation is built for designing complex 3D models, creating film and video content and performing complex engineering and analysis work. It features up to two Intel® Xeon® processors each supporting eight processing cores, 128GB4 of quad-channel ECC memory, two power supply options of 635W or 825W and up to an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 high-end professional graphics card and NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processor.

Dell Precision T3600 – Built for performance for mid-range workstation workloads, Dell’s single socket workstation offers an excellent balance of performance and scalability for mainstream 3D, computer-aided-design (CAD), computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) and digital content creation applications.  Key features include Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 or E5-2600 family, two power supply options, up to 64GB4  1600MHz ECC or non-ECC memory and up to a single NVIDIA Quadro 6000 or two NVIDIA Quadro 5000 professional graphics cards, and an NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processor.

Dell Precision T1650 – For demanding professional applications that push beyond a standard desktop, Dell’s entry-level tower workstation offers certified performance for professionals working with 2D and basic 3D models, editing photos, CAD drawings and web development. The T1650 will feature next generation Intel Xeon processors, up to 75W for graphics and new ISV and graphic certifications.

Pricing starts at $2,149 for the T7600, $1,879 for the T5600, and $1,099 for the T3600. Dell didn't announce pricing details for the T1650.