Dell Bringing Android 2.2 To Streak "In The Coming Weeks"

Google seems to be having quite a difficult time keeping every Android user on the same upgrade path. Some devices are still shipping with version 1.6, and carriers can't seem to sync up their Android 2.2 "Froyo" rollouts. Everyone seems to be using a different version, making it difficult for developers to know which version they should cater to.

Dell's Streak is an oddball device to begin with. It's too big to be considered a "smart phone," yet too small to be a full-scale tablet. But it's not too odd for Froyo. Dell has stated that they will begin the Android 2.2 push "in a matter of weeks," which will be a huge upgrade over the version 1.6 that it ships with. Steve Felice, president of the Global Consumer, Small and Medium Business division, had this to say: "The company will start shipping Streaks with Android 2.2 very soon, and the OS will be pushed down to existing users as an upgrade in a matter of weeks. We wanted to get the product to market, we weren't ready for 2.2, so we went ahead. Maybe we should have waited. But we're getting caught up now."

But the Streak's v2.2 won't be your typical version 2.2. Dell has built a unique user interface into the Froyo build for Streak, called Stage. This is meant to make it easier for users to find/launch apps as well as other content, and it will support finger scrolling for faster browsing. Hold tight Streak owners, your Froyo is coming soon.