Dell Bringing 10" Android Tablet (Streak 10 Pro) To China First

It's a world full of tablets, and we're just living in it. Dell's Streak 10 Pro has seemingly got lost in the mix; with so many other Android 3.0 tablets stealing the limelight, it's being an elbowing match to get coverage these days. Now, Dell's ready to introduce their own 10" Honeycomb tablet, but it won't be coming to America first. Dell has confirmed that they "are indeed working on 10" tablet products," with one in particular aimed at "prosumers." They're also working on a Windows 7-based tablet for enterprise consumers, which is due out later in the year. Evidently the company seems some pent-up demand for a Win7 tablet, signaled by their intentions to go forward with this instead of holding out for Windows 8 (or whatever it'll be called when the codename gets dropped).

The 10" Android tablet will be the Streak 10 Pro, and strangely, it'll hit Lenovo's home turf later in the summer. After launching in China, Dell will be "evaluating" launch plans for other regions and locales during the second half of 2011. Dell goes on to answer the question: "Why China?" The answer's obvious: it's home to tons of people, and Dell sees tremendous growth opportunities here. The company isn't revealing additional specifications yet, but hopefully they'll be revealed soon (along with a price). The 10" Honeycomb sector is seriously crowded, but with a name like Dell, they're definitely welcome to the party.