Dell Announces Latitude 13 And Updated Dell Precision M6500

If you just discovered Dell today, you would hardly know that it was infamous for selling those "plain beige boxes" and "thick, clunky notebooks" just a few years ago. These days, high fashion and good styling is integrated throughout the company's lineup, and the Latitude 13 is proof of that.

The Latitude range has traditionally been for corporate environments, a place where style has generally not mattered. Dell is shaking things up and proving that style does indeed matter in the cubical, as this machine has just become the world’s thinnest 13-inch commercial client laptop. Aside from being a looker, it includes robust remote manageability, virtualization-ready design and security features with ultra-thin style. Unfortunately, Dell is keeping the good stuff under wraps (CPU, GPU, etc.), but we know it will eventually be available with a SSD (with full disk encryption), optional WWAN for connecting to cellular data networks, Bluetooth, 802.11b/gn Wi-Fi and even an optional external Blu-ray Disc drive.

Latitude 13

Dell is also introducing another workhorse laptop: the Precision M6500. It's said to be the "world’s most powerful mobile workstation," and it's now available with Intel's Core i7 and Core i5 processors. You can even cram the Core i7-920XM Quad Core Extreme Edition in here, and Dell claims that this machine is the only mobile workstation to offer optional RAID 5 and three internal storage devices.

Both machines will be available for ordering within a few weeks.

Precision M6500

The “beauty” – Dell’s stylish, ultra-thin Latitude 13 delivers everyday productivity and business versatility while respecting IT budgets. Features such as remote manageability, optional integrated Webcam/microphone, and on-the-go connectivity keep users working at full capacity. The Latitude 13 will support desktop virtualization through certification from Citrix and VMware. It offers mobility end users want, combined with the security and management features IT departments require.

Additional product highlights include:

  • Comprehensive systems management with support for Broadcom® TruManage™ technology and Dell ImageDirect service which lets IT create, update and deploy system images 24/7 from a secure online location;
  • Virtualization-ready design lets IT cost-effectively deliver a full PC experience to users in non-standard computing environments such as call centers, regional offices and hotels;
  • Customized security offerings including solid-state drives (SSD), full disk encryption (FDE), Trusted Platform Module (TPM)1 control and Computrace software;
  • On-the-go connectivity with optional WWAN mobile broadband, Bluetooth and 802.11g/n wireless LAN options help to keep customers connected wherever work takes them; and
  • Optional external Blu-ray Disc™ drive or ability to download photos to the 5-in-1 media-card reader.

The Dell Latitude 13 will be available for order in the coming weeks. More details are available at

The “beast” – Dell’s Precision M6500, the world’s most powerful mobile workstation - is now available with the option of next-generation Intel Core i7 or Core i5 dual core processors for optimum computing power. The M6500 dual core enables customers to work wherever and whenever inspiration strikes them with the power of a desktop workstation in a portable package.

Additional product highlights include:

  • Optional Intel Core i7-920XM Quad Core Extreme Edition, Core i7 dual core or Core i5 dual core processor linked with fast with 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz memory;
  • Support for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP®, along with Red Hat® Linux 5.3 64-bit;
  • Optional RGB LED edge-to-edge 17-inch screen with 100 percent user-selectable color gamut support;
  • Of the top four mobile workstation vendors, the Dell Precision M6500 is the only mobile workstation to offer optional RAID 5 and three internal storage devices. With the option of three internal storage drives and a 64GB SSD MiniCard, users can add up to two additional HDD’s in a RAID 0 or 1 for a max configuration more than 1TB.
  • The system can be enhanced with the addition of the optional, USB 3.0, 3.2MP camera, and Gobi 2.0 support.

The dual-core versions of the Dell Precision M6500 will be available for order in the coming weeks. More details are available at

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