Dell Announces 14" And 15.6" Latitude E3 Notebook Series

It's the early beginning of Spring, which means one thing: it's notebook season. Lenovo recently issued a slew of new machines, and now Dell is doing the same. The company's tossing a bone in the direction of their business lineup, with the E3 Latitude series being introduced this week. There are a number of styles and form factors, with all of them aiming to appease cost-minded consumers and businesses looking to upgrade their stock.

There's the 14" Latitude E5420, 15.6" Latitude E5520, ultrathin 14" Latitude E6420 (with a touch screen option), and the 15" Latitude E6520. The latter offers up "all day performance," presumably with a mondo battery. The whole crew offers rounded corners wrapped with a protective alloy strengthens chassis durability, and the Dell 3.0 Ampere hour battery cells are an industry first. Furthermore, the ExpressCharge function keeps them recharged faster, and outdoor-visible displays / touch panels expand usability when outside. Getting in touch with the 21st century means that integrated voice, video, Webcam and data communicationsare included, not to mention USB 3.0, wired Ethernet, 4G LTE and 4G WiMAX options.

Given that you're likely buying these for use in a business, Dell offers next-day laptop repair and/or replacement is available whenever you need it, and you can visit the Via below for more details on pricing for each model.