Dell Alienware Diana Team Continues M11x Tease Tour

A few weeks back, at this years 2010 CES show, we gave you a first hand look at the hot looking new 11-inch form-factor Dell Alienware M11x gaming notebook.  This machine almost defies all sense of logic in that it sports a such a petite, stylish and sleak frame with a CULV processor under its hood but with the graphics prowess of NVIDIA's GeForce GT 335M mobile GPU turning up the horsepower, it's got enough game to bring the hurt to a horde full of baddies.  At the time we brought you this coverage, Dell's Marc Diana gave you a quick tour of the product and its capabilities but little did we know, there was a husband and wife dynamic-duo at helm, thumping their new bad-boy around for the press.  Today, we tripped across Dell's Katie Diana (yep, Marc's wife is in on the action too) taking the M11x out for a test spin in one of our favorite time-waster first person shooters, Left 4 Dead 2.  Katie, show the world how to take down a Boomer will ya hon?


With a traditional Alienware backlit keyboard, aggressive Alienware M series (which we think stands for Muscle Car) stylings, this machine just looks too hot too handle.  Of course we plan to handle it plenty in the weeks ahead and will tell you all about it when that time comes.