Dell Addresses Alienware M11x Hinge Hiccups

It's said that the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil, and there's been a lot of squeaky wheels complaining about borked hinges on Dell's Alienware M11x notebook line. In one forum thread, there's over 150 users who reported problems with their M11x, most of which cried foul over cracked and noisy hinges. The message was heard loud and clear by Dell, who offered up this apology and promised remedy:

"We apologize for this process taking so long," a Dell liaison wrote in support forum post. "We have an ETA around March for when the M11x-R1/R2 Hinge fix program will be started. The start date range hinges is dependent on a 3rd party vendor and other details so it is not concrete. When it does begin, all who have the hinge defect will get it repaired regardless of the warranty end date. We know that you deserve the re-designed Hinge and we will make it happen."

Left to their own devices, some Alienware M11x owners tried take matters into their own hands by using epoxy to fix the busted hinge.

The fix can't come quick enough for some M11x owners, who have been twiddling their thumbs waiting for a resolution for the past two months. But hey, at least an end to the problem is in sight, even if Dell can't nail down a specific date just yet.