Dell & Goodwill Team Up To Recycle Old Computers

Dell and Goodwill have partnered to create a joint recycling venture known as the Reconnect program. As Dell describes it the program works to put, "technology and jobs back into the hands of those who need them most." The program began in 2004 and has diverted more than 96 million pounds of ewaste from landfills and created more than 250 green jobs since its inception.

You can donate any brand of used computer equipment to Reconnect. In turn, your donation will help to provide technology, education, training and career services to people who are dealing with economic challenges. Best of all, the program provides a free and tax-deductible way to rid your house of old electronics.

Donate Any Brand of Computer to Goodwill

Want to help your community and the environment? Donate any brand of used computer equipment to Reconnect — a partnership between Dell and Goodwill Industries. Your donation helps provide technology, education, training and career services to people facing economic challenges. It’s a free, convenient and tax-deductible way of decluttering your home office while helping others.

As of April 2010, Microsoft has teamed up with Dell and Goodwill to offer product recycling through our Reconnect program. In addition to collecting PCs and computer accessories, the 1,900-plus Goodwill locations participating in Reconnect now to collect Microsoft® entertainment products, including Xbox®, Zune® and accompanying accessories, for free recycling.

Dell + Goodwill = Reconnect

Dell and Goodwill make a great partnership because Goodwill has a network of stores and donation centers, and tremendous experience with accepting used goods. Dell is committed to responsible consumer recycling programs. Working together, Goodwill and Dell can make free computer recycling readily available and increase awareness of the importance of responsible recycling.

How It Works

Take the following steps to be part of the Reconnect program:

  1. Find out if Reconnect will accept your item — Reconnect accepts any brand of consumer computer equipment and most peripherals, in any condition, for free recycling. Reference the Items We Accept page for details.
  2. Find a drop-off location — Use our Find a Location feature for a convenient Reconnect drop-off spot. Let us know if there isn't a location near you so that we can help find an alternative. Dell and Goodwill work together to make this program available nationwide.
  3. Drop off your item — Most items can simply be dropped off at any participating Goodwill branch. Some items may require extra preparation. Get details at the Items We Accept page.
  4. Feel good — Your donated equipment has value — as a whole system, parts or raw materials, including metals, plastics and glass. All proceeds from your donation return to Goodwill to help support the Goodwill mission: putting people to work.

Responsible Recycling With Reconnect

Reconnect is managed with the highest standards for workplace and environmental safety. The program does not export waste or send any environmentally sensitive material to landfills. Reconnect has received numerous awards and accolades from public officials.

In addition, Reconnect meets both Goodwill and Dell high standards for workplace and environmental safety. A third party audits all collection and recycling practices to ensure all standards are met.

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