Delkin's 32GB SDHC Card Is Faster Than Fast

When you're looking at Secure Digital cards, there's no question that you have loads of options. Tons of choices. Everywhere you look, there's another SD card. But when it comes to high-speed cards, your options get a bit more limited. Delkin's Elite 633 is one of those speedsters, claiming to be the fastest SDHC card on Planet Earth. According to the specifications sheet, it can write at up to 80MBps and read at up to 95MBps. These obviously use the new UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus-interface, and it's fully compatible with all SDHC and SDXC host devices. Of course, that kind of speed will cost you. There's a $439.99 price tag attached to it, and it's scheduled to ship out later in the month. Yikes!

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