Deep Discounts Coming to Nintendo DS XL, DSi Handheld Consoles

Hey, you there, are you about to purchase a Nintendo DS XL or DSi handheld game console? Well, don't! It's not that we have anything against either of Nintendo's predecessors to the 3DS, it's just that word on the Web is that some pretty big price cuts are in the pipeline, so if you pay full price today, you'll kick yourself in a couple of weeks.

Here's the deal. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is going to slash the price of the monster-sized DS XL to $129, down $40 from it's current $169 selling price, and the DSi to $99, down $50 from its $149 selling price. When? May 20th, which is a week from Sunday.

Those are pretty significant reductions for consoles that are still relevant in the grand scheme of things, albeit now eclipsed by the 3DS, which sells for $169. Since that price is already reduced from its original debut at $250, The Washington Post says not to expect another discount.