Deceptive PlayStation Vita Adverting Results In $25 Payout For Lucky Customers

It took a bit of time to weave through all the red tape and get the various paperwork in order, but you can finally take Sony up on its cash back or merchandise settlement offer if you purchased a PlayStation Via handheld console before June 1, 2012, and have not returned the product for a full refund. If so, it's your turn to fill out some paperwork.

The settlement agreement is the same that was reached with the FTC back in November. It's in relation to the Vita's "cross-save" functionality and how it was advertised. At the time of the complaint, the cross-save feature only worked with a few PlayStation 3 games, while the pause-and-save feature described in ads varied significantly from game to game. In addition, the complaint alleged that Sony failed to inform buyers that they had to purchase two versions of the same game, one for the PS3 and one for the Vita, to take advantage of the feature.

PlayStation Vita

As part of the settlement, Sony neither admits nor denies any wrongdoing. If you're okay with that, you can fill out a required form and opt to receive either a check for $25, a $25 credit to your PSN account, or one of three game bundles valued ranging in value from $66.46 to $100.46 (you can check them out here).

If you qualify, you should have received an email with instructions on participating in the settlement. Alternately, you'll have to fill out this form (PDF) and provide either:

  • store receipt showing purchase of the PSVita before June 1, 2012, or
  • side panel of the PSVita package that shows the UPC code, serial, or SIRIS numbers, or
  • other information and materials that reasonably prove that you are an eligible purchaser of the PSVita before June 1, 2012

Whether you received an email or plan to fill out the above form, you'll have to stake your claim by June 29, 2015 to be eligible.