Dead Space Remake Gameplay Walkthrough Reveals Stunning New Graphics, Classic Artistry

side by side dead space

One of the best horror games in the last 15 years was Dead Space and yesterday we got a sneak peak at what is coming for its remake. After checking out the amazing visual, we are excited.

October 14th was the 14 year anniversary of the popular survival horror shooter. For the anniversary, Electronic Arts, and Dead Space developer, Motive, celebrated with a live stream. Within said live stream was an eight-minute preview of gameplay and features coming in the remake, which is slated for release in January 2023. Not only does the work look gorgeous, but the audio improvements, control updates, and new features will add to the horrifying experiences.

YouTube Video of the Dead Space Remake Extended Gameplay Walkthrough

Early on in the video the graphical differences between the original an upcoming game become immediately apparent. Now running on EA's own Frostbite engine, the game engine behind Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, Medal of Honor, Star Wars: Battlefront, and a lot more, Dead Space is afforded a lot more freedom of movement and scale. For example, in the scene in which you need to restart the ship's engine, when traversing the hangar, you now can use a jetpack and explore much more of the area. Additionally there is improved physics, which include zero-gravity segments as well.

We've all seen remasters and remakes before. In many cases there might be a mild graphical update, slightly better framerates, or support for new hardware, but the games often get minimal improvements. In the case of the Dead Space Remake, however, Motive has implemented many enhancements, including what they call the "Intensity Director." Reminiscent of Turtle Rock's Left 4 Dead Director, this feature may modify the lighting, change out enemies, and modify the frequency of encounters when you backtrack or go through the same section again. Of course, certain gruesome features do make their return, like strategic dismemberment of enemies.

memorable moment dead space remaster
Side by Side view of a memorable moment in Dead Space

So it seems that the Dead Space Remake is actually holding true to the definition. It is not only a remaster, but it may be a whole new experience versus the original. With all the graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, scale, and sound design improvements, we're seriously looking forward to having a necromorph make us jump again and we can't wait for January to roll around.