Dead on Arrival 2 Comes to Life on Google Play and TegraZone

Given that Halloween is upon us, it seems quite fitting that Dead of Arrival 2 has landed on a platform that could be very near and dear to your heart. And your limbs, for that matter. DoA has become something of an icon in the PC gaming world, and as the universe shifts and mobile gaming platforms become more crucial, the game's second iteration has been ported to Google Play.

In other words, those with an Android phone or slate can hop over to the Play store right now and install the game. It'll work on some older devices, but it's clearly built for the latest and greatest, including NVIDIA's Tegra 4. Also, if you're a lucky owner of an NVIDIA Shield, you'll be delighted to know that DoA 2 supports the Shield's control pad.

As is becoming the norm, DoA 2 is free to install, but you'll probably find ways to spend cash while in the game. Also, a lot of early reviews suggest that the game is crashing in certain spots on certain devices; Android's massive breadth makes it a real challenge to squash bugs on every single device, so be sure to let the company know if you're seeing any quirks.