De Tomaso Resurrected With Breathtaking And Downright Sexy P72 Supercar Concept

de tomaso p72 5
The 219 Goodwood Festival of Speed saw the introduction of a gorgeous new supercar that resurrects a legendary nameplate -- De Tomaso. For those not in the know, De Tomaso was an Italian car manufacturer that that was originally founded in 1959, but officially went belly-up earlier this decade.

But the company is back with the brand new P72, and it hopes to enter the elite company reserved for nameplates like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. The sexy curves, bulbous fenders and jet fighter-style cockpit recall racing prototypes from the 60s and 70s while still exhibiting a bit of modern flare.

de tomaso p72 4

As you might expect for a vehicle of this stature, underneath the gorgeous body resides a carbon fiber monocoque structure. In fact, it's basically the same chassis that underpins the Apollo Intense Emozione supercar.

As for the powertrain, there is no indication of what kind of engine will inside this beast. Will it be a V8 or a V12? Will there be superchargers or turbochargers attached? What about hybridization? We'll have to wait to hear these details, but we doubt that there will be much by way of advanced technology powering this shapely beast. However, there does appear to be a semi-automatic transmission onboard (as witnessed by the P, D, R buttons on the dashboard).

de tomaso p72 1

Inside, the P72 is has a decidedly steampunk look, with a mixture of intricately stitched leather, carbon fiber, chrome, and gold-plated surfaces. It seems to be a little Pagani-inspired to our eyes, but we're OK with that.

Interestingly, only 72 examples of the P72 will be produced with an expected price tag of £662,000 (roughly $832,000). It is unknown if or when the P72 will actually enter production given De Tomaso's shaky history.