Who And Why Would Someone DDOS World Of Warcraft Classic Gamers? Blizzard Down Hard

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It seems that even Blizzard's World of Warcraft can be a cruel, cruel mistress. Unfortunate fans of the classic WoW experience had their days ruined today by a sustained DDOS attack on Blizzard's servers, according to multiple sources. It isn't just WoW Classic, either. Several independent sources are reporting that servers for the latest expansion, Battle of Azeroth, are also under attack. WoW Classic only launched on August 26th, 2019, which is just a couple of weeks ago at the time of writing. What kind of heartless monster would attack classic MMO fans at a time like this?

Could it be a nefarious attack by North Korea, like the Sony breach of 2014? Could it be the work of jilted lovers, ex or otherwise?
Probably not. More likely, it's one of the parties (like UKDrillas, whose account has since been suspended) on Twitter taking responsibility for it as we speak. However, their motive, at least currently, is unclear. UkDrillas claims to have taken down the following servers: Faelina, Herod, Stalagg, Fairbanks, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Grobbulus, and Mograine.  This organization also claims to have taken down Overwatch servers. Lots of gamers on the WoW subreddit have been chiming in about downtime as well.

As frustrating as this situation must be for WoW fans, don't worry: Blizzard has some of the greatest server infrastructure in the world, and we're reasonably sure that this problem will be resolved sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we recommend kicking back with a single-player game, preferably one that doesn't require an Internet connection to function. Maybe you could dust off that old PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox and finish up that 
Oblivion or Mario Sunshine save file that you've been neglecting.