DDoS Hackers Responsible For PSN Outage Send Bomb Threat Via Twitter On Flight Carrying Sony Exec

Here's a story that just keeps getting stranger. Lizard Group, a hacker group that claimed responsibility for Sony's PSN downtime over the weekend, has created a stir that'll no doubt have the FBI involved. As if claiming that it took PSN down wasn't enough, it tweeted earlier today to American Airlines that it had been "receiving reports" that a plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) president John Smedley also had explosives onboard.

Importantly, the group did not claim that it had anything to do with said explosives, only that it knew of them onboard. Twitter threats are taken just as seriously as those via phone or any other means of communication, and the flight was diverted to Arizona instead of landing as scheduled in San Diego.

The plane checked out fine and Smedley (along with all other passengers) were a-okay, but Smedley did tweet that "justice would find these guys." As of now, neither Sony nor the FBI have issued any official comments.