DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play Next Week

Here's a little something to brighten your day heading into the weekend. DC Universe Online announced a new free-to-play option will be available starting November 1, 2011 (that's next Tuesday). This was originally expected to happen sometime in October, but we're willing to forgive a slight slip into the first of November if it means we can don our virtual tights and get our super hero fix for free.

The freebie version gives you access to two character slots, with the option to purchase more. It also gives you 28 inventory slots, a dozen bank slots, 1500 maximum in-game currency, six chat messages per day for 30 seconds, and text-only email. You'll also be able to join player leagues, but can't form any.

Several of these come with the option to purchase additional goodies, or you can pony up for a Premium (spend $5 or more) or Legendary ($15/month), for additional goods and benefits right off the bat. Also, if you already spent $5 on an existing DCUO account and have an inactive subscription, you'll be bumped to the Premium tier once it transitions to free-to-play.