Dartz Electric Roadster Can Take a Bullet (or Race Away From Danger at 125MPH)

Know what happens when an armored vehicle company decides to go green? You get the Jo-Mojo, a lightly armored open-top electric low-rider with a top speed of 125MPH and a bulletproof exterior. Yep, this thing steers clear of gasoline, has a respectable amount of get-up-and-go, and can take a bullet, should the need arise. Or at least that's the idea.

Dartz is collaborating with the Gray Design studio once again with the intention of converting its gas-powered Mojo roadster into an electric car with style and substance.

According to Gizmag, the Jo-Mojo will sport an 80 horsepower electric motor with 90 lb-ft of torque. It will go from 0-60MPH in 9.5 seconds, and as mentioned, hit a top speed of 125MPH. The battery is still being developed, so it's unclear how far this thing will go on a single charge, though buyers will have the option of adding extra battery power on an as-needed basis, just in case your getaway plans go awry.

Dartz is hoping to have a prototype available before the third quarter of 2012. As for price, it's more reasonable than you might think: a little over $40,000. And did we mention it's bulletproof?