DARPA Wants To Build A Flying Air Fortress Aircraft Carrier

DARPA has a penchant for putting outlandish ideas forward, but that's sort of the point. Without far-fetched ideas, how is one's military and technological prowess to evolve? For those just catching up, DARPA is the United States miltiary's advanced tech arm, and a new filing makes clear that at least a few mad scientists within its walls are thinking about floating aircraft carriers of a different kind.

Presently, floating aircraft carriers float on water, but if DARPA has its way, they'll float on air. Flying aircraft carriers seem like an idea that would take shape within a major motion picture, but the Distributed Airborne Capabilities project is very much a real initiative. With the surge in drone use, it's not terribly surprising that DARPA is looking to put even more weaponry in the air, preferably without an actual person having to be onboard to direct.

Interestingly, it appears that DARPA is accepting applications for information on the topic. In other words, defense companies can submit a proposal if they think that they can help bring this to fruition. Which means you've some work ahead of you, right?
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