Danger Den Water Pump, Vantec Tornado and More

Good morning everyone.  With x-mas fast approaching and yours truely behind on his shopping, today is going to be a glorious day filled with busy malls and hectic traffic.  I just love the peaceful time of Christmas.... ;)  Here is your first shot of the day...

 Danger Den DDC-12V Water Pump Review @ Madshrimps

"If water cooling is in your blood, Danger Den needs no introduction. If you plan on making the transformation from air to water cooling, Danger Den is a company you may want to get to know better. Today were going to take a look at what may be the smallest 400l/h pump available, the Danger Den DDC-12V."

 Vantec Tornado and NXP-205 Multi Fan Controller Review @ Madshrimps

"If you want extreme performance from your air cooled system then this Tornado fan might be what you need. The generated noise is equally extreme, that´s why Vantec recommends the use of a fan controller; In this review we take a look at the NXP-205 fan controller used in combination with their high CFM CPU/Case fan."

 Kingston HyperX 1 GB KHX3200UL DDR @ Controlled-Insanity

"Are you in the market for some blazing fast DDR?? Is your gaming rig craving that low latency performance?? Are you sick of flashy LEDs and marketing gimicks?? Then read on, because believe me, we have found just what you are looking for in our latest review, Kingston Hyper X PC3200UL 2-2-2-5 DDR Modules."

 A.C. Ryan Mod Roundup @ Viper Lair

"All of these products reviewed from AC Ryan are definitely competitive products to Vantec. Modding is becoming more and more popular and sleeving, lights, and fans are usually the first items that are upgraded. Sleeving works great for keeping things tidy, aesthetically pleasing, and perhaps even allow better airflow."