D-Link DCH-S165 Smart Alarm Detector Can Text You If Your Home Goes Up In Flames

D-Link is expanding its Connected Home line of products with the addition of the DCH-S165 mydlink Smart Alarm Detector. This sensor will alert you when your existing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors go off. The sensor can also be programmed to listen for other sounds such as glass breaking or your doorbell ringing.

DCH S165 Left

Devices such as the Smart Alarm Detector make it easy for anyone to have a smart home without the hassle of replacing a bunch of sensors or re-wiring your home. The device plugs into any AC outlet and can be used with other mydlink devices to help protect your home. After plugging in the smart alarm, you’ll need to press the button on the side of the sensor to connect to your network. The Smart Alarm Detector is compatible with the mydlink Home app.

DCH S165 setup

Once set up, the device can send push notifications to your phone if the alarm “hears” your smoke or carbon monoxide detector or another loud noise such as broken glass. Because it reacts to sound and does not detect fire, heat, flames, or other gas, it is not designed to replace your existing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. In addition to push notifications for your phone, the Smart Alarm Detector can also trigger custom IFTTT actions.

To minimize false alarms, the Smart Alarm Detector is designed to detect the specific sounds of UL certified detectors within its listening range of about 50 feet. If you have linked smoke detectors in your home, D-Link says you’ll only need one Smart Alarm Detector.

Look for the DCH-S165 mydlink Smart Alarm Detector in the second quarter of this year for about $60. If your home layout permits the use of a single device, this product may be more cost effective than a larger system such as the Nest Protect.