CybertronPC Creates ‘Luxury PC Experience’ With Enthusiast Desktops And Laptops

blackCLX lineup
CybertronPC, a company that has had the pulse of the PC community for nearly two decades, is unleashing a new line of enthusiast PCs under the CybertronPC Luxury Experience (CLX) label, which was inspired by ancient Egypt. The CLX family consists of three desktop computers and two notebooks that put performance at the forefront.

Starting with the desktop range, there are three distinct models that were announced today: the Scarab, Horus and RA. All three desktops come out of the box with liquid cooling and plenty overclocking potential complete with onboard Intel Core i7 Skylake processors, but each is different in their approach.

Starting off with the smallest member, the Scarab is a Mini-ITX desktop that can support any single-GPU graphics card (i.e. NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan X or AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X). The Horus ups the ante with a mid-tower case and dual-graphics capabilities (again, NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards are supported). You’ll also find custom interior lighting along with custom interior paint if you choose to go down that [likely expensive] route.

ra tower

At the top of the food chain is the RA full tower PC, which comes with hard-line liquid cooling and support for up to four NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. Although the RA comes standard with liquid cooling for the CPU like its lesser counterparts, it also offers optional liquid cooling for the GPUs and the motherboard for the ultimate overclockers.

All three desktops offer two different case designs; one of which is a monolithic black exterior that would look at home on any desk or a more colorful patterned exterior for more vivacious types. The Scarab, Horus and RA start at $999, $1,299 and $1,399 respectively.

clx anubis 17
CLX Anubis 17

CybertronPC hasn’t left out the mobile crowd, which is why it has two new CLX laptop offerings as well. The Anubis family is available in 15.6-inch and 17-inch screen sizes and weigh in at around 4.3 pounds. Systems come configured with an Intel Core i7 6700HQ processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M (6GB) GPU. The 15.6-inch model comes will be available with a 4K screen option while the 17-inch model is strictly 1920x1080p.

Last but not least is the Osiris 17, which as its name implies, comes with a 17-inch display. The Osiris 17 supports desktop processors and GPUs, which means that you’ll find an Intel Core i7 6700K and up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 GPUs in SLI under the hood. You’ll also be able to pack in 64GB of DDR4 memory, two M.2 SSDs and up to 2.5-inch drives if you so choose.

The Anubis notebooks and Osiris 17 start at $1,799 and $1,899 respectively.