Cyber Monday? Try Cyber Money-Day!

It appears as though more of us are eschewing Black Friday, with its physical, emotional, and spiritual toll, and looking toward Cyber Monday as the day to snag our savings. According to comScore, Cyber Monday this year was the heaviest day of online spending in U.S. history. Collectively, buyers spent $1.25 billion online at U.S. websites.

That’s only the second time the billion-dollar mark has been broken on a single day of spending. The other time? Cyber Monday 2010, when there was $1.03 billion of ecommerce in the U.S.. The difference year-over-year is a remarkable 22% increase.

Drilling down a bit, comScore found that there were approximately 10 million buyers online (also a record) on Cyber Monday, which is 11% more than last year, and that those buyers spent an average of $125 each.

A perhaps unsurprising statistic is that just over half (50.2%) of those dollars spent came from work computers, which is 1% more than last year, whereas 43.2% (a 1.8% decline from 2010) originated from home computers. Just 6.6% came from outside of the U.S.
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