Cyanogenmod Offering Nightly Builds For Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners

Are you the sort of person who, despite owning one of the newest and hottest smartphones on the market, would prefer to waste no time in modding it? Well, if you're a Canadian owner of Samsung's Galaxy S4 or a US owner with the phone through T-Mobile, you're in luck. The Cyanogenmod team have begun releasing nightly builds for these specific versions of the S4. At the current time, it's unclear when the other versions will be supported, but according to the developers, they should be soon, as devices are acquired (such as the one equipped with the Exynos Octa).

In a Google+ post, Cyanogenmod developer and ex-Samsung employee Steve Kondik said, "There are a few rough edges still, but will be ironed out in short order and you should be able to use it as your daily driver without serious issues."

That's a good sign, and rather impressive given the S4's launch happened not too long ago. If you're up for transforming your brand-new phone, you can grab the Canadian nightly here and the T-Mobile nightly here.