CS:GO Operation Shattered Web Launches With New Maps, Agents, Progression System

shattered web
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans will want to check out Shattered Web, the latest operation for the game. With Shattered Web, a bunch of new features have been added to the game. Among those features are new maps, new agents to unlock, an accolade system for highlighting accomplishments, and a new progression system that is very much like a battle pass.

The progressions system is a pass that levels up with stars that are earned by completing weekly in-game missions. As the pass levels up, it gives players access to new cosmetics. The pass is also more expensive at $15 than past offerings. The new agents are characters that players can equip on the T or CT side.

accolades sw

Master agents are cosmetic options that give unique voices and animations. Players are gifted one of those skins when they reach 100 stars. Other updates with the game include three new weapons collections with designs from community artists. The new accolades highlight things from the match like total assists, MVP, and enemies flashed.

The new maps include the Flying Scotsman map called Lunacy and a community Danger Zone map called Jungle. The competitive side of the game gets Studio, which is available for Scrimmage or Casual Sigma. The new weapons include four new knives that players have a chance of unlocking when opening a Shattered Web Case. There are also chances to open custom weapons.

Each week, players will get the chance to play one of 6 non-overlapping missions that can be completed in any order. The new Lunacy map has players fighting in low gravity on a lunar outpost. Players can enjoy new content without a pass, but they won't receive Operation rewards. Operation Shattered Web will last longer than 16 weeks, with a new set of missions unlocked each week for 16 weeks. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a long-running video game.