Crysis 2 Tops List of Most Pirated Games of 2011

When an advance copy of Crysis 2 leaked to the Internet a full month before the game's scheduled release, Crytek and Electronic Arts (EA) were understandably miffed and, as it turns out, justified in their fears of mass piracy. As 2011 comes to a close, Crysis 2 holds rank as the most pirated game of the year on any platform, according to data released by TorrentFreak.

Crysis 2 was illegally download on the PC platform 3,920,000 times, 'beating out' Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with 3,650,000 illegal downloads. Numbers like these don't bode well for PC gamers and will only serve to encourage even more draconian DRM measures than we've seen in the past.

Given the ease with which greedy gamers can hop online and download a cracked PC game, each of the top five pirated PC games was illegally downloaded around three times more than the top five for any other platform. Coming in behind Crysis 2 and MW3 were Battlefield 3 (3,510,000 illegal downloads), FIFA 12 (3,390,000 illegal downloads), and Portal 2 (3,240,000 illegal downloads).

By comparison, the most pirated game on the Wii was Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1,280,000 downloads), and on the Xbox 360 it was Gears of War 3 (890,000 downloads). Sony PlayStation 3 numbers weren't included because PS3 titles "get considerably less downloads," according to TorrentFreak, which pulls its numbers from "several sources, including reports from all public BitTorrent trackers."