CrunchPad Tablet PC To Surf In The Clouds

Is the Tablet PC really ready to make a comeback? With Apple's rumored tablet inching closer to reality each and every day, we've got yet another entrant vying for attention. According to a new article in the Straits Times, a Singapore start-up company by the name of Fusion Garage has teamed up with TechCrunch's own Michael Arrington in order to produce the world's next tablet--or, at least the next one that anyone will bother to care about.

The device will purportedly be called the CrunchPad, and according to the report, it boasts a 12" display and weighs 1.2kg. Full dimensions are 12.77" by 7.83" by 0.74", and the homegrown operating system promises to give users easy access to YouTube clips and their own media, as well as Office documents and the like. Unlike most tablet PCs (and portable computers in general), the CrunchPad isn't slated to have any onboard storage space. Instead, it'll rely on wireless connectivity in order to sync with the "cloud," essentially running applications off a central server that it can connect to over the Internet. Take away the wireless connection, and poof, there goes your application.

As expected, the device will sport a full touch screen, which should be loads of fun to tinker with. We're still not given a price, but with competition from Apple seemingly around the bend, we'd say the company better think twice before charging a bundle and calling it special.